The Bank of Zchnetterhorn - The next BitCoin???
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Post by gurgel » 2024 Jun 13 13:01

Actually not really F.A.Q. at all, I just made up these questions myself.,, and then answered them.
  • Are my ZchnetterCoins ZC safe here?
    Not really, only the money you put into the ZchnetterCoin bank account is protected from being robbed by other users.
    Also, it is safe from me - unless I choose to penalize you for some unwritten law that you have violated, resulting in my editing of your ZC cash.
    • Also, if I deem your violation of unwritten laws serious enough I shall delete your account incuding all of you ZC cash AND bank holdings
  • What are the unwritten laws?
    Just like the laws of nature, they apply, regardless whether you know of them or not.
    You must figure them out.

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